Jakarta is the Capital City of Indonesia, and it is the biggest port of entry to other parts of Indonesia. It is a metropolitan city which reflects the economic, political, social and industrial development of the nation
The enchanting land of Sunda stretches from the Sunda Strait in the West to the borders of Central Java in the east. The region is primarily mountainous, with rich green valleys hugging lofty volcanic peaks
  Yogyakarta was the centre of the mighty Javanese empire; Mataram, from which Yogyakarta has inherited its unique traditions that is maintained until today  

Central Java has an incredible history. Hindu and Buddhist empires flourished in luxuriant plains and created the most impressive monument to Mahayan Buddhise complex of Prambanan, and the oldest Hindu temples in Java on the Dieng Plateu.

The Majapahit Dynasty was established in East Java, then, dominated the entire Indonesian archipelago, the Malay peninsula and part of the Philippines for hundreds of years
Bali is a truly beautiful tropical island inhabited by a remarkably artistic people who have created a dynamic society with unique arts and ceremonies. The passage of life on this small island is culturally and spiritually linked to satisfying and appeasing the gods, spirits and demons

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