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Intellectual Property

The Government of Indonesia has been and will always play an active role in encouraging the development as well as advancement of industries that are capable to compete in the national and international trade. Ratifying the Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization (WTO) , which covers the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, in 1994 evidences this. In conjunction with this ratification, at this time Indonesia has put the following six laws relating to the intellectual property rights into effect:

  • Copyright
  • Patent
  • Mark
  • Trade Secret
  • Industrial Design
  • Lay-out Design of Integrated Circuit.

From the viewpoint of investment activities, the implementation of these laws is a reflection that the Government of Indonesia is committed to provide and protect the legal certainty of the conduct of business in its territory.

Laws and Regulations

Law No. 12/1997 concerning Amendment to Law No. 6/1982 concerning Copyright, as already amended by Law No. 7/1987.

Law No. 14/2001 concerning Patent.

Law No. 15/2001 concerning Mark.

Law No. 30/2000 concerning Trade Secret.

Law No. 31/2000 concerning Industrial Design.

Law No. 32/2000 concerning Lay-out Design Integrated Circuit.


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