1.   Visa Provisions:

A Visit Visa shall be issued to a foreign national to visit Indonesia for the purpose of:

  1. An official Government visit
  2. A tour visit
  3. A socio-cultural visit
  4. A business visit, which includes the following business activities:

a)  not engaged as an employee:

  1. to discuss matters in the framework of trade transactions;
  2. to make on-the-spot observations and to discuss trade commodities for the import-export business;
  3. to discuss with Indonesian enterprises/companies matters related to capital or commodity production by overseas enterprises/companies;
  4. to investigate possibilities for merchandising in the framework of capital investment with prospective partners in Indonesia ;
  5. to join international show/exhibition;
  6. to give a lecture or join a non-commercial seminar/conference in social, cultural or governmental fields, with the permission of a related agency/institution/department;
  7. to join a meeting held by the head office or a representative in Indonesia
  8. to make a journalistic visit, with the permission of related agency/institution/department;
  9. to give consultation, guidance, information or training in applying and innovating technology in order to increase the quality or the design of products, as well as to further marketing efforts abroad.

b)   for temporary employment to:

  1. inspect company branches in Indonesia;
  2. conduct emergency/urgent work;
  3. conduct after-sales services;
  4. install or repair equipment;
  5. give a speech at a seminar;
  6. do non-permanent construction work;
  7. hold a show/exhibition;
  8. hold professional sport activities;
  9. do medical activities;
  10. do work aboard a ship/floating installation operating in Indonesian waters, territorial sea, a continental shelf installation, or an Indonesian exclusive economic zone;
  11. perform tests on of work instruments/equipment for prospective foreign employees.

2.   Validity:

  1. 60 (sixty) days calculated from the date of admission to Indonesia, and extendible;
  2. An Admission Permit for a foreign national in possession of a Visit Visa shall also be valid as a Visit Permit during stay in Indonesia.

3 .   Requirements:

  1. A visit Visa application shall be submitted by the applicant concerned or his/her sponsor to the overseas Visa Officer after fully complying with the general visa requirements.
  2. An applicant must be in possession of a passport or travel document which is valid for at least 6 (six) months.